The Arduboy Tracker Music Library

ATMlib stands for Arduboy Tracker Music and is based on Squawk a minimalistic 8-bit software synthesizer & playroutine library for Arduino, created by STG.

While Squawk provides a very nice synth, it wasn't optimized for a small footprint. Songs are not very efficient in size, so JO3RI asked STG to help him work on a new songformat and so ATMlib was born.

Funtions of the Tracker Music Library

ATMsynth::play(song): start playing a song

ATMsynth::stop(): stop playing a song

ATMsynth::playPause(): pause or continue playing current song

ATMsynth::mute(channel): mute channel (CH_ZERO), (CH_ONE), (CH_TWO) or (CH_THREE) so you can use this channel for playing sound effects

ATMsynth::unmute(channel): unmute channel (CH_ZERO), (CH_ONE), (CH_TWO) or (CH_THREE) after playing sound effects.

The Arduboy Tracker Music Library songs

Best practice is to add a new file to your project called song.h and include it.

*more to write