Blob ATTACK is a game with a nod to Puyo Pop Fever. In this one player puzzler you’ll have to clear the field of all the dropping blobs. Each blob-duo consists out of 2 blobs. The game has 5 different blobs, randomly linked together. Try to score as high as possible, by making groups and chain reactions.

The blobs:


The groups:


All these possible combinations of blobs will clear AND all the (overlapping) combinations of those combinations too. Blobs can only be connected horizontally and vertically, not diagonally !

The chains:


By chaining multiple “groups", the player first makes a combination of blobs. By doing so, those blobs get cleared and the remaining blobs on top, fall down making a new combination, which will be cleared too. By setting up stairs of blobs, the player can make double, triple, quadruple or more chain reactions, getting extra points.

The points:


Each dropped blob-duo: 10 points

Each cleared blob: 50 points

Each chain reaction: 500 points.

The Speed:


increases at 5000 points

increases at 10000 points

increases at 15000 points

increases at 20000 points

increases at 25000 points

increases at 50000 points

increases at 100000 points