Elventure is an adventure game where an intrepid elf explores the realm, gathering hidden treasure.



Intrepid elf: Our hero, who searches the realm for treasure, battling strange foes.



Octo: A land octopus.  Who knew?  Beware though, or you will be trampled under tentacle!

Gobo: The only thing worse than a foul smelling goblin, is an irritable foul smelling goblin.

Bones: You can hear them rattle from far off, but they move fast so beware.

Hidden items :


Gem: Gem of Replica - The legendary Gem of Replica... or is it a fake?

Orb: Orb of Gloating - Yes, gloat to all your friends that you found the Orb of Gloating!

Armor: Shiny Armor - It is shiny... but may not offer the best protection.

Wand: Wand of Mystery - With this magical wand you can do mysterious things

Special items :


Heart: Restores 1 life for our intrepid hero.  Get it quickly though or it will go away!

Portal: Teleports our hero between the overworld and underworld.