Trolly Fish is a cute little fish swimming in the water, trying to dodge the fish, jellyfish and eels. Try to collect as many seastars as you can and don't forget the special power-ups.



Game play


Use the directions keys to move Trolly Fish up and down. Use the action button to trigger certain power-ups. Try to collect as many starfish as possible, without missing one, because you'll be rewarded with extra points. Dodge the enemies and collect power-ups for extra points too.

Trolly Fish is a sweet little fish trying to find as many starfish as he possibly can. He already has a big collection, but will never be satisfied. Guide Trolly to find even more stars, so he'll eventually have the biggest collections in the sea.

Bad Fishy and his brother Fast Bad Fishy are jealous they don’t have that many starfish, so they try to steal from Trolly. Don’t let it happen, because losing even 1 star will break Trolly’s heart.

Jellyfishy just doesn’t really know what’s happening and doesn’t understand all the fuzz about the starfish. He just wants to sting other fish.

Eel is just a real mean fish, has no friends and bullies all the other fish … nobody likes eel, I guess you better just stay out of his way.





Starfish are the collectables everybody wants nowadays. Get them ... ALL OF THEM !

Turnfish turns all enemies on the screen into starfish. More to collect, hurrray !

Stopfish makes all the enemies stop swimming, but stars and power-ups keep coming.

Popfish makes all the enemies on screen go "pop" like bubbles

Protectfish puts you into a protective bubble. Now you can't be hurt !

Shootfish gives you the ability to shoot at other fish with bubbles. Some will die at once, bigger ones have to be shot multiple times

Lifefish gives you 1 extra life ... yes only 1

Shockfish gives you the ability to shock smaller fish all over the screen

Magnetfish makes you magnetic to all the starfish passing by.