"The land of Andora was peaceful until an ancient evil, Cryxx, called "The Claws of Night," was awoken and rallied to its side the savage beasts of Andora. Beorin, the great king of Andora, and the noble creatures of the land, band together to battle the evil horde."

Game Play


Each player is dealt 4 cards out of a 48 card deck (32 unique cards), with 4 suits (elements), and both players draw their first card. The first player plays a card, and then the next player plays a card in response. The highest value card wins. If both cards are tied, the player who won the last play wins. Each round begins with both players drawing a card. The winning player will play first.

Advanced Play


In advanced play, at the beginning of the round an element is selected.  Any cards of this element receive a +1 bonus in value for that round.

In the advanced game certain cards have additional powers:

     Air Element:

     Air Wizard - Magic (+2 against Earth, Fire, Water)

     Griffin - Swoop (+1 against Earth, Fire, Water)

     Earth Element:

     Mushroom Warrior - (+1 against Air, Fire, Water)

     Archer - Hunt (+2 against Air, Fire, Water)

     Water Element:

     Water Wizard - Magic (+2 against Air, Earth, Fire)

     Merman - Spear (+1 against Air, Earth, Fire)

     Fire Element:

     Spark Warrior - Burn (+1 against Water, Earth, Air)

     Fire Wizard - Magic (+2 against Water, Earth, Air)



When playing the cards, if you are playing first, the best play is your highest value card. If you are playing second and if you have a card that can beat your opponent's card, then play that card.  If you do not have anything that can beat that card, it is best to play the lowest value card in your hand.

Card List:


Mushroom Warrior: power = 4

Archer: power = 5

Wolf Warrior: power = 6

Treeant: power = 7

Rock Titan: power = 8

Wurm: power = 9

Earth Element

Water Element

Fish Warrior: power = 4

Water Wizard: power = 5

Merman: power = 6

Giant Shark: power = 7

Nautilus: power = 8

Kraken: power = 9

Spark Warrior: power = 4

Fire Wizard: power = 5

Fire Brute: power = 6

Ember Specter: power = 7

Burning Hulk: power = 8

Fire Dragon: power = 9

Fire Element

Air Element

Kenku: power = 4

Air Wizard: power = 5

Griffin: power = 6

Chimera: power = 7

Djinn: power = 8

Air Dragon: power = 9