Reverse Mermaid Hockey takes your classic hockey video game and makes it all Monty Python absurd. Try to beat the fish brain AI by kicking the shrimp into the corners of the play field. If you do so 4 times or 2 times or ... (oh make up your mind), you’ll magically become a woman again ... or a fish ... or a mermaid ... Any way, at least you will look better than you did. If you lose, you’ll and up as fish-sticks.

Game play


Really? you want to know how to play this game? Ok ... You kick the shrimp into the corners at the other side of the playfield, by just moving your character up, down, left or right.

If ... and only IF you manage to press the kick button at the right time, when the shrimp hits your feet, you’ll kick it straight across the playfield. You’ll have to try multiple times, because it won’t work at first.

Yeah well, those reversed mermaids weren’t created for playing hockey where they now. Or ... where they?

Game elements


Well there isn’t much to it actually :-)

Reverse Mermaid: We all know what a mermaid looks like, but did you ever wonder what happened to the other part of the fish ... or the legs of that woman ? Well here you have it. Beautiful legs with the brain of a fish... now where did I hear that before ?

Shrimp the puck: you love shrimp, but you were always told not to play with your food? Yeah, who cares ... Kick that shrimp’s butt !