Hail, brave knight!  Welcome to  the great tournament in the sky.  It is your quest to best the greatest aerial riders for king and country as you fly across the rugged landscape.  ...And do try to keep your bird out of the lava!

Controls :


Directional Pad Left/Right - Move the knight.  The Knight will accelerate the longer the button is held in the direction.  To slow down or stop, press in the opposite direction.

Right Button: Fly the knight.



Knight: Brave, bird riding Sir Hero, out to lance his foes and win lofty glory!

Egg: When our brave Sir Hero is defeated, another hero soon hatches.

Enemies :


Bird Riders: Skilled at their deadly craft, these riders aim to knock you off your mount.

Riderless Bird: Not so smart, but faster and more deadly than when the bird has a rider.

Egg: Try to quickly defeat the egg, as an angry, riderless bird will soon hatch!