It's a tough life living under the sea. For Nina things have become increasingly difficult as other fish have started to act violently. Determined to find out what could be causing such a disturbance, she sets out on an adventure. No mere beauty, Nina is also a fighting mermaid and will use all forms of weaponry to fight her way to the cause of all this trouble!

Game Play


Use the directions to move in all directions. Press the action button to shoot and the other button to pause the game. When you have the bubble weapon, you can keep the action button pressed for rapid fire. Once you collect the magic weapon, you can charge by keeping the action button pressed and as soon a you release, it will fire.





Nina: a battle hardened beauty. Nina is trained to use different weapons to help bring justice to the deep blue sea. 





Shark: beware this apex predator! He'll stalk you at first, but watch out when he charges. 

Seahorse: a giant majestic evil seahorse. He'll shoot dozens of tiny seahorses at you.

Ghost Pirate Ship: the root of all your problems. This salty crew of pirates have found their way into your territory and using their supernatural powers to influence other denizens of the sea. The ship's crew will shoot ghosts and even attempt to ram you but don't let them show you who's boss of the deep! 

Fishy: small fish that tend to swim in shoals. They also have many different swimming patterns. Not to be taken lightly despite their size! 

Fish: a bigger fish to fry! They also use the same tactics as their smaller counterparts but have stronger an fatter bodies. 

JellyFish: don't let their sting take you out! They swim in an upward fashion. 

Octopus: these cephalopods will shoot ink back at you! Be careful! 

Heart: restores 1 lost heart. Always usefull

Shield: gives you protection for a certain amount of time

Trident: your default weapon. Fairly strong and trustworthy it can get you out of any situation. 

Bubble: hold down the action button to unleash a stream of rapid fire bubbles.

Shell: fire a shells in 3 directions at once. The weapon with the widest range. 

Magic: master the mystic magic! Hold down the action button to charge a magic blast. The longer you charge, the more powerful the blast! It's the only weapon to travel through enemies as well. 

Starfish: worth a couple points. Some fish try to have giant collections of these...