Amy lived her happy life in a pretty normal town … until that fateful accident at the nearby research facility. Officials denied the incident at first, until the entire facility was abandoned. Neighbours started acting weird. Amy didn’t feel safe anymore. While trying to leave town, she found herself running from a hoard of zombies. What Amy didn't expect, was to find other survivors. Help her escape and rescue the ones not infected by the LQP-79 virus. Hurry!

Game Play


Use the directions buttons to walk around. Press the action buttons to shoot.

Walk and shoot in the direction Amy is facing using the right action button.

To hold your shooting direction and walk in another direction (strafe) keep the left action button pressed.

Press both action buttons together to Pause the game.

Amy: Forget about Laura, Amy is the new girl in town. This is you, now go shoot those zombies !





Zombies: Well ... this is what happend to the neighbors. You have two options ... shoot ... or run.

Coins: Seems like those zombies can't use their money anymore ... better take it with you.



Survivors: Apparently not all people turned into zombies. Hurry, go find them !



Hearts: Some of those dead zombies seem to give us life ... how is that even possible? ...

Exit: There is only one way out … Find the last survivor to open the gate and run to safety. But beware! Once the gate’s unlocked it’s only a matter of time before the virus will deplete your remaining health. The exits are always located at the borders of the map.